This week we have been having more Superhero fun:

We have been testing our gross motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination by knocking out the villain with a target practice game at which Bertie was very good!



We have using our fine motor skills to make playdough capes, mask and boulders with the playdough mats .



In the middle of the week we explored the waterproofness(??) of materials by making a protective outfit for the Superbear then pouring water over it to see if he stayed dry and guess what… he didn’t and neither did we or the classroom floor. We did however find that putting him a plastic bag kept him try but didn’t recommend doing it to ourselves!



We made Superhero costumes and Jetpacks and used them in our role play area.



In our maths time we have been exploring money and the different coins we use, we then sorted the coins into different jars.



We used split pins to make moving people which was very fiddly but really funny when they were put together – with feet on back to front and floppy heads!!



On Thursday we played a game where we had to mime a superpower and the rest of the class had to guess what it was – we clearly have some very good actors and actresses in our class!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Super-power-game-2-Week-4.jpg                                b2ap3_thumbnail_Super-power-game.jpg


First we had Sand foam then this week we had Sand Mousse which was equally as yucky but loads of fun – I think!


Today we talked about healthy and not so healthy foods and made healthy choice pizza’s using the old favourite ingredients of cheese, tomato, olives and, oh yes, cabbage!! Thanks Charlie for that suggestion!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Healthy-pizzas-2-Week-4.jpg                                              b2ap3_thumbnail_Healthy-pizzas-Week-4.jpg

And finally today we heard the fab news that Matisse won the class highest attendance for the first time so Sara felt it was only fair that we were rewarded with some not quite so healthy Mini Eggs – well we all need a little treat sometimes!


Have a great weekend, Sara Matisse and the FSU