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Last weekend the Chagford Local History Society borrowed some of our work on Chagford during the First World War to take to the Devon History Society Exhibition at Exeter University. They displayed it alongside their own research. At the beginning of term we  enjoyed a memorable visit from Mrs Sue Price of our local branch and she taught us a lot about Chagford 100 years ago. We also borrowed some of their research to use in class. Mrs Price wrote to the children this week to thank them for the loan of their work. She wrote

“Your work were the only pieces by children, and they formed part of a much bigger display. Many of the people who were there enjoyed seeing and reading about what you found out during your project on World War 1. 

In fact, your work made such an impression that the Devon History Society is going to discuss giving a prize another year to a school for work about local history that children have done. So you may have started something important in Devon!” 

So well done Monet Class! What a special thing! Everyone should be feeling very proud. Mrs Searson and Miss Rowe are very proud of you indeed!


Reminders and Information for the Coming Week

  • Our Class play is this Tuesday at 2:15pm and 6pm. All family and friends are warmly invited to come and see the results of this half term’s learning in Monet. The children are very excited and can’t wait to share this with you! Children will need to arrive at school by 5:30pm for the evening performance. If parents are attending the after school meeting in the hall (see newsletter), I am happy to supervise the children in class from the end of the meeting through to the play. Please let Mrs Searson know if you would like this.
  •  Our Class Exhibition is this Wednesday. Please bring projects into school on the morning. The Exhibition is open to families and friends from 9:30am to 10:30am. Please feel free to come to assembly between 9:10am and 9:30am.
  • Our Class trip to Castle Drogo WW1 day is this Thursday. There are a few parents who have not yet given consent so please go onto the School Gateway ASAP to ensure your child can go. The Castle is encouraging visitors to wear WW1 costumes on the day so Monet children can go in their play outfits! Children should come to school in their uniform on Thursday and get changed into their outfit in class as soon as they arrive. They will change back into their uniforms before home time. Hopefully this will ensure that none of our kindly lent items go missing and all can be returned to their owners promptly.
  • Many thanks to all Monet Class Parents and Carers for their fantastic support during this very busy last week before half term. If you have any problems, feel free to contact Mrs Searson or Miss Rowe.