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Dear Parents and Friends
I hope that you all managed to have a good weekend enjoying the sudden snow fall and the enforced slow down to our everyday lives! This week has been back to normal and we have enjoyed the sunshine that has come our way by using the outdoor spaces as much as possible in our learning and in our play.
Caterpillar and Grasshopper Classes enjoyed a day out at Dartington where they spent time exploring forest school activities, making mobiles and thinking about materials around them. It was a long but very useful day for the children’s learning and they represented Chagford School brilliantly too. Well done.
On Monday teams from Years 5/6 and 3/4 boys and girls went to Okehampton College to take part in the West Devon Cross Country Competition; despite the rain. All the runners did exceptionally well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, demonstrating  superb resilience and stamina in completing the race and some finishing in top 10 places. Well done to Daisy Rowe, finishing 1st and Sophia Caylor-Owen finishing 2nd in the girls 5/6 race and Henry Hassell, finishing 2nd and Ben Waterman finishing 6th in the 5/6 race.
For the Year 3 /4 children this was their first competition and they performed so well. In the team competitions Chagford came 4th out of 19 schools overall in the 5/6 rankings; narrowly missing an opportunity to go through to the next round of the competition. The 3 /4 team competition saw Chagford positioned at 6th out of 17 schools, which is fantastic. As a school we should feel very proud of our runners. All the results are on the sports board, just outside the school hall for your interest.

World Book Day had to be postponed from last week and took place yesterday. The children all looked superb as usual and the staff were suitably dressed up too to celebrate the importance of reading for pleasure. Fantastic effort everyone – well done.

The winners in each class are as follows:

Little Robins: Rowan and Cornelia

Big Robins: Bramwell and Lily Mae

Grasshoppers: Elliot and Ebba

Caterpillars: Jake and Maise Jayne

Dragonflies: Gabriel and Verity

Beetles: Brendan and Bryony

Bees: Barnaby and Trilby

Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust News 
When making the decision to join the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust in January of this year, the intention moving forward for Chagford C E, South Tawton and North Tawton Primaries was to have an Executive Headteacher overseeing the three schools from September 2018. The position has been nationally advertised and the recruitment process, involving Governor representation from all three schools  will be completed by the end of March 2018, when the newly appointed Executive Headteacher will be announced to all three school communities.

Have a great weekend

Stars of the week

Big Robins Class: George W for trying something that he had never tried before – cabbage! Grace for her overwhelming enthusiasm when arriving at school and for her fantastic world book day costume.

Grasshoppers: Well done to all of the Grasshoppers for a good trip on Wednesday! Pip: for beginning to make a good effort in your independent writing. Well done! Keep it up! Lotte: for making the most of your skills in class and for being a good friend to everyone. Well done!

Caterpillars Class: Poppy for being an excellent friend and her patience when working things out and helping others. Emily for going above and beyond with her homework and research on the Vikings!

Dragonflies Class:  Alena for settling back into her school life after a long time away. Lissy for her amazing work in literacy especially her writing

Beetles Class: Ben – fabulous effort and concentration. Working hard to do his best possible work and enjoying it. Chloe D – Queen of the fractions – super work all week as we’ve simplified fractions and found equivalent ones

Bees Class: Sophie for working very hard through a tough spell and always brightening up the classroom. Joe M for impressing us all with his David Blaine card tricks! Shazam!


Top of the leader board this week with a Gold star is  Beetles class. Silver award to Grasshoppers Class and Bronze to Caterpillar Class. Well done everyone.

Dates for your diary

  • Thursday 15th March – Tag Rugby at South Tawton 9:15 – 15:30
  • Friday 16th March – KS2 trip to Exeter University to watch the Bournemouth symphony orchestra – Please see email and below for details
  • Thursday 22nd March – Football and Netball match away at Bridstowe Primary 14:45 – 17:15 POSTPONED TO 19th April 
  • Postponed Football and Netball match away at North Tawton due to the snow has been rearranged for Thursday 26th April
Thursday 15th at 3pm March Big Robins Collective Worship 
Thursday 22nd March at 3pm Bees Collective Worship 
(Beetles will now be after the Easter Holiday)

All participants will be emailed with additional details and consents, medical conditions and any donations will need to be completed on your school gateway account.

“Thanks to all those parents who have been using the Gateway for clubs and keeping up to date with payments. Please note that all cancellations or changes to bookings can be notified to the school office by email to Unfortunately, while the new system is good, it’s not perfect – and this feature is in line for future development at present. Please continue to book and pay for clubs using the system.

Please download the free app as this saves vital funds for the school in the cost of text messages.

Any outstanding balances from Libacura have now been transferred to the School Gateway so if you see a charge on your account you were not expecting, this could relate to a single breakfast or after school club booking made some time ago. Please contact the school office who can clarify with you any queries you may have, so we can update the system accordingly.


SPR 2 2018 MENU Spring 2. PDF

SPR 2 2018 MENU Spring 2 WORD DOC

News and Information

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to you to inform you of a trip for the whole of Key Stage 2 to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra perform in Exeter University’s Great Hall, on Friday 16th March. Some of you may remember that two years ago all children in KS2 went to watch them in the same venue, where they presented a show specially created for junior aged students, called ‘ Fairy tale and Fantasy’. This year the orchestra have again composed an interactive concert entitled ‘Secrets and Codes’, which includes the full orchestral experience of a new piece, along with a catchy song, and some body percussion. This year they have made it more accessible to children with communication difficulties by adding actions using the Makaton sign language. I have been teaching the children the song and actions in school, so that they are prepared for the concert and can take full and active part. Those who attended the last concert really enjoyed it; it was a wonderful introduction to the world of live classical music, and left a lasting impression on all of us. We at Chagford value the arts highly, and see them as a crucial part of children’s development. This performance will give children a valuable and rare opportunity to see a full professional orchestra in action – I often hear that children have been inspired to take up an instrument as a result of these kind of experiences. I am delighted that the concert itself is free….but we will obviously need to pay for two coaches to transport us to Exeter. I am therefore asking for a voluntary donation of £5 to cover the cost of the coaches.  In this current climate of ever diminishing school budgets, we are unable to run the trip if we cannot cover the costs through parental contributions, so please do contribute if you can, via School Gateway, where you will also need to give your consent to your child attending. Your child will need to be in school uniform, but lunch will be as normal as the concert is in the afternoon. We will be having an early lunch in school and leaving at 16th March, leaving School for 12.30pm and pick up from Exeter at 3:45 to return to school, so it will be a late finish. Please provide a leak-proof bottle of water, and make sure your child has a coat on the day, as sometimes we have needed to wait for a short while outside the Great Hall after the performance. I thank you in advance for your support in helping to ensure that the children at Chagford school are able to access a wide and varied range of experiences, even when budgets are tight! I thank you in advance for your support in helping to ensure that the children at Chagford school are able to access a wide and varied range of experiences, even when budgets are tight! Many thanks Lisa Rowe

Head lice – are tiny insects that live in human hair, and are particularly common in children. They can’t fly, jump or swim and are spread by head-to-head contact, climbing from the hair of an infected person to the hair of someone else. Prevention is the best cure, so if your child has long hair, please ensure it is tied back for school! Head lice can be difficult to detect, even when you closely inspect your child’s head. If you think your child may have head lice, please check your child’s hair. The most common places for head lice to lurk are in the hair behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. If you still can’t spot any lice, comb the child’s hair with a special nit comb. These are available from most chemists. It’s easier to spot head lice as they fall out if you comb the hair over a piece of white paper. If head lice are present, you need to treat your child. You should only treat your child if you find live head lice, which confirms a live infestation. Don’t treat “just in case”. Head lice are tough. They can’t be killed by washing with normal shampoo or normal combing. Because they reproduce so quickly, you’ve got to kill them before they spread to others. If your child has head lice, check everyone in the family. You’ll need to treat everyone affected to get rid of them. You can treat head lice by wet-combing hair with a special comb, or by using medicated lotions or sprays available over the counter at pharmacies. Please make sure that your child’s hair is tied back everyday at school to limit the spread across the school.