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North Tawton Netball Tournament 2017 by Tina Adams

On Friday 6th October I took a team of seven girls Sophia, Natasha, Rhiannon, Malena, Daisy R, Jess and Mae to the North Tawton Community Primary School Netball Tournament 2017. The whole team played really well, passing the ball with short neat passes and finding space to receive the ball The team had lots of praise from the other teachers and umpires for their fair play and honesty when they were off side.

The first match was against Hatherleigh which was a hard game as both teams were very evenly matched but we won with the score being 2-0. The second match was against Northlew where our players were actually helping the other team to understand where they needed to stand and in which positions; we won this game comfortably with the score being 11-0. The third match was against Exbourne which was another evenly matched game, where both teams put their heart and soul into the game; we won with the score being 3-2. The fourth match was against North Tawton who wore the same blue bibs and tops as we did so I offered to change to our spare yellow ones, the team were not happy as they always play in blue bibs and they did not want to jinx the game. However with brilliant determination getting the rebounds with good defending and attacking; we won again with the score being 6-0. The fifth match was against Boasley Cross a small school where again Chagford showed their true colours by helping the other team get into positions and demonstrate which areas they were allowed in. We also won this game with the score being 5-0. The sixth match was against Bridestowe who tried really hard to gain control of the ball, but our GD and GK were always ready to intercept the ball passing it down to the GA and GS quickly for them score ensuring another win with the score being 4-0. The seventh match was against South Tawton. Chagford were a little confident as we had already beaten them at a home game last week, then South Tawton scored the first goal. This made Chagford realise they must still work hard in every game, they started making higher passes, shorter passes and finding spaces to take back the control of the game to win again with the score being 3-2. The final match of the day was against Okehampton where the nerves started to kick in at the realisation that they might win the tournament. We were a few minutes away when the news came over to the team that Chagford Football had lost their last game against Okehampton. This made the netball team have a little melt down. However after a long chat about how amazing they had played as a team all day, with great attitude and respect, they got into position and were ready to go. Daisy R was calm and skilful as she got the first goal. I thought she was going to cry as she was shaking so much, Sophia and her adrenaline as Centre was outstanding, fighting to get the ball at every opportunity. Malena as GK defended with such passion and defiance along with Jess who defended and grabbed the ball every time. Natasha and Rhiannon who are usually such polite young ladies grabbed at every ball as if their life depended on it. When Okehampton scored in the second half it did not stop the Chagford enthusiasm to continue with the game. Mae in the 2nd half as GA was like a little terrier always chasing the ball never giving up and tried getting another goal for Chagford. Sophia as GS in the 2nd half used very last bit of her energy to try and receive the ball but the Okehampton defender would not let her get away. As the final whistle was blown, the score was a draw at 1–1, I could see how tired the whole team had become, but I was so proud of all their efforts, passion and kindness all day. At the final presentation, as we waited for the results, they announced that Chagford had won the netball tournament. There were seven very excited, tired young ladies that went to collect their winners medals. I could not have been prouder of all of them representing Chagford School with such amazing qualities from everyone in the team.

By Craig Astill

The North Tawton School Football Tournament (TNTSFT) is a 40yr old, 7 a-side, under 11’s tournament.  It includes all the schools in our Learning Community and other smaller schools from West Devon. The brilliance of the competition (in terms of fairness), is that each team of seven is limited to four yr 6’s and also that each school plays every school, a league table format.

Friday, October 6th was a lovely sunny day, very unusual for TNTSFT. We were quietly optimistic after finishing 2nd (unbeaten) last year. Before the day itself we had talked as a team about the need for the players to be flexible in terms of their positions on the field and we agreed on the idea of having two line ups depending on whether we were playing a big or a small school. So with that sorted we set off, very happy as always (amazing rendition of the Mouldy Peanut song on the bus!). To say the day started well would be an understatement….  By lunch time, after five games, we had not dropped a point. We were discovering that whilst other schools had some very good players, we had a Team. Ably led by Barney, we cruised through the a.m. getting 15/15 points and only conceding 1 (!). Ten goals coming from Henry 3, Barney 2, Charlie 1 and Toby 2 (including, crucially a goal direct from a corner in the final minute).

The main challenge of the afternoon was keeping the team focused on the next game rather than the tournament outcome (word was getting around from the other games that other schools were taking pts off each other). We had three hard games left after lunch. First up was Bridestowe who we beat 1-0 with an own goal.  Next up South Tawton, a 2 nil win with another o.g and a Joe S clincher. By the time of the Oke game, the result didn’t really matter as we had a perfect 100% record, winning all 7 games, scoring 13 goals and only conceding 1. The final game was 1 nil to Oke.

I am so proud of the players: Barney, Henry, Charlie, Joe McD, Joe S, Toby, River and Alfie were a credit to Chagford. This was historic boys! We last won this cup in 2010, which then was after a wait of 30 years (1980). So this was not an every day achievement. This triumph means that I can finally stop talking about the glory days and the class of 2010. There’s a new class in town – 2017!

Well done to you all, you did it with a smile. This is a great recognition of all your enthusiasm and hard work. Winning certainly isn’t everything, but it certainly feels good!

What made the day reach perfection was that the Netball team won their tournament too. Congratulations to Tina and the team. This was truly a blessed day for Chagford Primary School!













Stars of the week

Big Robins Class: Not available at time of publish

Grasshoppers Class: Millie for your enthusiasm and excellent effort in all that we do. Well done Millie! Great learning behaviours! Elliot for your enthusiasm and determination in all that we do. Well done Elliot! Great learning behaviours!

Caterpillars Class: Abbie for her brilliant positive mindset and for persevering with something she previously had found difficult! Harry for his fantastic efforts lately in reading and writing independently!

Dragonflies Class: Verity for her valuable contributions to in class. Birdie for her hard work in planning and improving her myth.

Beetles Class: Juliette for thinking of the needs of others and taking on new challenges and enjoying them. Chloe G for her enthusiasm for life and learning.

Bees Class: Trilby, great talk and explanations in maths. Natasha for her good self-belief and confidence this week.


Top of the leader board this week with a Gold star is Caterpillar class. Silver and Bronze awards to Bees class and Beetles class. Well done everyone.

Dates for your diary

Monday 16th October – Childhood Flu immunisation (nasal flu vaccinations) 9:00

Tuesday 17th October – Year 2 Multi skills festival 9:00 – 13:00

Wednesday 18th October – Year 6 Hockey Festival, GUM SHIELDS & SHIN PADS ESSENTIAL for full participation

Thursday 19th October –  West Devon Football finals to be held at Tavistock Community Football Club 9:00 – 13:45

Friday 3rd November 2.45pm. – Bibles to be placed in a time capsule by the School Council with Revd’d Paul and laid in the new school foundations.

All players will be notified by email and parents should log onto school gateway to give consent, inform us of any medical conditions and make any donations.

Events and information

“Global citizens, making an active contribution to our communities.”

Our pupils and families demonstrated how well they live our Chagford values during recent charity fundraising events. We are very pleased to announce that we raised a fantastic £132.10 for Tor Support Services (TSS) and £358.24 for Cancer Research, which included a massive £128 raised by Luke S. (well done Luke!) with our non school uniform days. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Traffic in the road

We have been made aware that construction lorries have been parking in the road at various times during the day, and that a bollard has been damaged. We would like to reassure parents that a Safe Contractor agreement is in place with Kier Construction which requires deliveries to come before school drop off and after school pick up times. We have met with CG Fry about the construction work going on across the road, and it does not appear that they have a similar arrangement in place. We will be writing to CG Fry and Dartmoor National Park Authority to ask that consideration is given to the safety of pupils, which is as always, of paramount importance to us.

GOOD FOUNDATIONS – It is exciting to see the work on our new school going on around us and any builder knows that getting the foundations in properly is very important. In the Bible, it says ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.’ We want to make sure that that as well as lots of concrete, our new school will be founded on what really matters – love, growing in understanding and being a place where every member of the school family is valued. One way of expressing this has been the placing of Bibles previously used in our school within the new foundations. Another way will be the placing of our time capsule on Friday 3rd November at 2.45pm.    Revd Paul






Are you interested in teaching?  If so, School Direct Secondary ITT Teacher Training event is being held on Wednesday, 18th October 17:00 to 18:30 at Park Community School NDTSA – Parent letter for school 2017.docx (1) (1)

Devon Information Advice & Support is running a SEN parent Information event on 19th October at 10am-12pm at The Ockment Centre, Okehampton. Here is a link to the Eventbrite site where parents can register and submit any specific questions they may have, prior to the…/send-parent-information-event-okehampton-tickets-36773318987