News from the Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Friends

The term is drawing to a close but Spring has finally sprung and the sunshine today was positively warm! Last Friday we saw an addition to our
celebration calendar with our new Easter Fair organised by the PTFA. I would like to thank Selina and her team of helpers who managed to transform the hall and the grounds into a wonderful Easter scene so efficiently, as normal. It was a great success with a wonderful number of people attending from both the school and the community. Could I also thank the Messy Church for running three stalls with activities for the children and the Christian Easter basket at Reception is a wonderful representation of the meaning of Easter. Many thanks should also go to Mr Turner, Mr Skinner and Mrs Denney for their bravery in the Egg Challenge – I am sure the eggs were good for their hair! This particular event seemed to raise a significant amount of money in a relatively short time. I can’t think why – having permission to crack raw eggs onto teachers heads may have something to do with it!

The children contributed to the Easter scene by writing their own prayers and thoughts around Easter on egg shaped cards, which were then laminated and hung from our trees within the grounds. It has been lovely to be able to read their thoughts and if you haven’t seen them at all, please come down and take a look. We will keep them up until the end of the first week back after Easter.

Today Otter Class have taken their Viking Boats to test them out on the leat up in Chagford. The children have been very engaged in the topic and have learnt so much. I am sure they will have plenty to share about those boats which prove to be the most seaworthy, when they get back. What a wonderful way to end the term and the sun has shone for them too.


In Celebration Collective Worship this morning I was delighted to hand out so many 100% attendance certificates after we have had a difficult term of chicken pox and viruses to deal with. Well done to everyone.

There was some super certificates for Accelerated Reader to hand out too for most words read and for those individuals who have made some significant progress in their reading over this term.

Hedgehog Class – Ember H

Otter Class – William R and Logan H_V

Badger Class – Brendan O’B and Jessica M-C

Fox Class – Malena U

Red Deer – Jack J

The whole of Big Robins, Mole and Hedgehog Class were awarded a certificate for their continued hard work in reading and their commitment to reading at home.

Overall for Accelerated Reader for this term, the House Point winners were Yellow House with 1,635,117 words read within Key Stage 2.

This term the House Point winners, which included points from all classes and Accelerated Reader points, were the Yellow House. They all had extra play outside this afternoon for their reward. Fantastic effort from all children this term – keep working hard and the House competition will start again in the Summer term with Sports Day and the Photography Competition all counting towards the overall scores.

Travel arrangements during the Summer Term

Next term is always busy with plenty of extra-curricular events happening around the school and town including the opening of the swimming pool. I know that children will want to socialise a lot more during this term as the evenings are opening out and travel arrangements from school tend to get a little confused at times. I am writing to outline the schools position for each year group next term.

* If a child would normally go on a bus and this arrangement changes for a day, please ensure that the office is made aware, preferable before 2pm on the day. We will not release your child to anyone without your permission. If we are not informed officially from the parent (not through the bus driver or child personally) a phone call has to be made by the office and this can delay the buses leaving school.

* All Foundation Stage (Reception) and Key Stage 1 children (years 1&2) should be collected by an adult at the end of the school day or travel on the buses. They will not be allowed to leave the school site without an adult.

* Key Stage 2 children (years 3,4,5 & 6) will be allowed to walk home, to the pool or to a friend’s house as long as we have permission from the parent through the school office. We will not allow your child to leave the school site without this permission. This could be a one off permission for a given day throughout the half term or on an ad hoc basis but we do need this in writing to the school office. If we do not have any written permission we will assume they are being picked up by a parent and they will need to remain on the school site..

Thank you to Mrs Daniels who has been teaching in Year 1 this half term as part of her teacher training. She leaves us today to return to Okehampton Primary School to complete her course. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Mrs Daniels working at the school and she will be greatly missed by all. We do wish her well for the future. She is already an excellent teacher and whichever school she secures her first teaching position within, will be very lucky to have her working with them.

I hope that you all have a restful Easter break with the sun shining. Thank you for your continued support to your children and the school and I look
forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday 18th April, straight after the Bank Holiday Monday.


Top of the leader board this week with a Gold star is Otter class. Silver and Bronze awards to Fox and Hedgehog class. Well done everyone.


We had a fantastic day on Friday at the Easter fair and raised a staggering £360.67. A big thank you to all the parents who supported us by manning stalls and donating.  Our next meeting is in April and we would love to see some new faces and hear new ideas. On the 21st May we are supporting a ‘Walk for Africa’ and the Two Hills Race on 30th June. Come along and join in the fun.

Dates for your diary, Events, News and activities:

Tuesday 18th April – First day back to school
No clubs will be running on the week of 17th to 21st April, with exception of Craig’s team football and Ellodie’s Ballet class which resume on 19th
April. New clubs will be finalised and available to book in Libacura as usual as soon as possible and a link will be sent out in due course. Thank you.

Friday 21st April – There will be a cricket themed assembly led by Chris Mount. Please join us!

Tuesday 25th April – Y5 Orienteering at Lydford. Details to follow.

Monday 8th to Thursday 11th May – SATS week.

Tuesday 9th May – U9 Meldon Cup Cricket. Details to follow.

Saturday 13th May – Messy Church

** NEW SUMMER TERM MENU ** – Please note Gluten free and Dairy free pupils will be offered a Jacket potato on days when the main meal consists of dairy and/or gluten products.



This Saturday morning at 11:30am we have the Bishop of Exeter coming to St Michael’s for our Service of Thanksgiving and Rededication of our refurbished and rehung bells. We will have a contingent of our School’s children taking part, as a reflection of the service of blessing of the then newly-recast bells in February 1915, when the School’s then Headmaster recorded in the Log Book that the children were given a day off from School for the occasion. Everyone is welcome to attend the service and refreshments in the Jubilee Hall afterwards, where there will also be an exhibition outlining the history of our bells and the programme of work undertaken during the rehanging project. In the afternoon, there will be open ringing to enable visiting ringers from around the county to come and have a ring. Mothering Sunday was our first Sunday service ringing since the bells’ removal last August, and with it coinciding with the start of British Summer Time, it was a suitably timely announcement of their return! ?JB

Please can you take a few moments to complete our grounds survey Thank you



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