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Autumn has arrived and it’s time for a week’s break but there was lots to fit in before we could all have a break.

This afternoon we have reflected on the highlights of this term which have been (in order of popularity):

Building trenches (an activity this week using clay)

Being in our new school building

Our friends – including making friends with new children, getting to know children who were in different classes

Building boats (a science activity this week to help rescue the meteorite)

Art work

Our science project on rescuing the meteor

Making acorn cookies

Going to Tavistock for our day of sports activities

Our topic on World War 1 and particularly the trenches

Acrostic poetry work including poems on autumn and peace

Everything in maths

Lunch time with the new equipment and servery

Sitting with table partners

Chess club


Times tables

Circle time

The harvest service

Break time

Becoming a Year 5

Michael Morpurgo

Coming to school




This is a fantastic list and it’s been lovely to see the children enjoying their learning so much and to see the way that they are continuing their learning at home.

The children have brought home some homework for the holiday:

1. New spellings to learn – see below. They are all homophones so make sure that you know how to use the words correctly too.

2. Keep reading – make sure that you’re ready to do a quiz when you come back from holiday.

3. Maths – work on a times table that you’re not too sure about – make a poster, play some games (there are lots on line), have competitions…

4. Keep looking out for information about World War One. The film Sgt. Stubby about a dog in the war is on release. Cotehele House – a National Trust property – has an exhibition of World War 1 documents. We will be completing our explanations about the trenches after the break.

5. If you want some extra ideas –
• Find some jokes that work because of homophones (e.g. Why did the fish blush? Because the sea weed) or make up your own.
• Make your own trench – clay, lego, minecraft, in the garden, furniture… Get permission first!
• Write a story
• Practice telling the time
• Make a poppy or lots of poppies

Have fun and get plenty of rest – next half term will be very busy.

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