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We’ve been thinking about using powerful verbs in our writing this week so I thought I’d use some to describe our week!

Miss Burnell and I have been impressed by the children’s writing as they have created a chase scene for Varjak Paw with him leaping onto a moving train / monster! It’s been great to see lots of careful thought going into word choices and sentence construction.

In maths we have begun some work on statistics and have been interpreting line graphs and even drawing some of our own. This has linked with our work in Computing where we have collected our own data to enter into EXCEL next week.

The Sumerian boats which were made from clay last week have been splatter painted this week and are looking good. On Tuesday afternoon all the children worked with Chantel and did some planting but they also learnt about the journey of food from one end of the body to the other! We demonstrated this with the help of a plastic bag, banana, crackers and part of a pair of tights and managed not to get too messy!

Miss P