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 This week in Literacy we’ve really enjoyed a new topic on Performance Poetry. We have looked at lots of poems by Roger McGough from his book Poetry Pie. Many of them have made us laugh but they’ve also made us think about their meanings.

In maths we’ve started work on fractions – including one lesson in the dark when the power went out. We’ve thought carefully about what a fraction is and how to find equivalent fractions. Year 5 have also begun work on converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions.

This week included Safer Internet Day on Tuesday and we used the website Interland ( or just search for Interland) to play games that spread kindness and got rid of the Internet bullies.

We’ve learnt all about the water cycle – precipitation, accumulation, transpiration, evaporation, condensation! In geography we looked at how stacks and arches are formed by the sea and seen pictures and films of storms and the destruction that they can cause.

We hope that Miss Burnell will be back with us next week – including the building / construction of Seawigs on Tuesday afternoon – don’t forget to bring in any materials that you will need.