We are nearing the end of our penultimate week in Oak Class.

We have had an enjoyable week and yesterday spent the morning with our new teachers.  In Maths we have been learning about coordinates on a grid and thinking of ways to remember which way to travel first when plotting.  We came up with:

Along the floor and up the escalator

Along the clouds and up the rainbow

Take a run and a leap

Across the desert and up the sand dunes

Along the trainline and up the bridge

Along the runway and up in the sky!

In Literacy we have been writing about our inventions and creating an eye-catching layout as well as thinking about presentation.

We had our third lesson down at Chagford pool to get ourselves ready for the gala tomorrow.  Good luck to all the children involved in this.

Tomorrow we look forward to our summer fayre which starts as soon as school finishes.

Have a lovely weekend