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There have been all sorts of things going on in Oak Class this week.

On Monday we started work discovering what a spread sheet is, what it’s good at doing and what can make it tricky as well as continuing with our work on understanding decimals in the context of money.

Tuesday morning we tried to describe Shaggy scaling the wall of a museum using the same tools that SF Said uses to describe Varjak Paw scaling the garden wall. We used alliteration, the power of three, powerful verbs, short sentences and quick action to great effect. In the afternoon we had a great time down at the Rec ground with Andy the cricket coach. There was time to practice skills as well as play a game.

Wednesday we welcomed back Ms Rowe for some violin tuition – we all learnt how to hold the violin and pluck the strings – bows come in next week.

Thursday we turned inanimate objects into monsters! Very scary pictures resulted. We also found out more about the Ancient Sumer Civilisation and the amazing things that they discovered.

I’m sure Friday will being lots more fun learning too.

Have a lovely long weekend and we will be back at school on Tuesday for our next cricket session.

Miss P

PS I’m sorry that our planned yoga sessions have not materialised.