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We have just arrived back from an amazing day at Dawlish Warren.  Stephen, the coastal ranger, was very impressed with the scientific and geographical vocabulary that the children used to both ask and answer questions.  Well done Oak Class!

Who would have thought that the spit at Dawlish Warren was formed more than 7000 years ago and that the landscape is ever-changing with the tide and weather that it faces.

We also spent the day learning about the animals and plants that adapt themselves to live near to the coast and that a sand lizard is a very rare type of lizard that can only be found in this part of the country due to the warmer climate.

The pictures show some of the sea defences and how houses are at risk from falling into the sea from erosion.

In Literacy we have continued with writing about ring-tailed lemurs using a variety of non-fiction text types and now that we have visited Dawlish, we can write our own hybrid text about the coast.

In Maths we are really enjoying our work on decimals and how this links in with our fractions work and also how they are seen and used in everyday life.

Finally, next week we have a visitor coming into school from the NSPCC – details to follow.

Have a great weekend,

Miss B and Miss P