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Anti-bullying week

This week we have had another busy week

On Monday we listened to a story from Mrs W about a tadpole that wasn’t included in games, to kick off our Anti bullying week in assembly. This led to interesting discussions in class. The children thought that we can all get it wrong (including grown-ups) but that we can put it right by apologising and/ or learning from our mistakes! We also realise that we needed to be anti-bullying all year round not just within the one week.  We excitedly planned which food, clothes and games we might eat, wear and play on Friday for our Ancient Egyptian theme finale!

On Tuesday we discovered spray paint around the outside of school, sadly it was not Art by Banksy, or indeed even Banksy class! We found out some interesting facts about the heart from Mr B’s class assembly.   

On Wednesday morning we had men on site drilling holes, we were all wondering why-Mrs P-S had a headache which made her grumpy (or is that grumpier)  Some of the children were excited about the machinery. The vicars assembly was all about Cyber bullying, Mrs P-S did have to point out that the children should not be on the internet without adult supervision and certainly not on Facebook-this was reiterated by Banksy class posters on Friday. Mr Slater came in to work in class during Literacy, he was very helpful and jolly. We started practising our Nativity songs with Picasso class, Mrs P-S struggled to hit the high notes, Mr E pretended to.

On Thursday we practised for our 5 minute slot in Fridays’ Anti-Bullying sharing assembly. We made collaged blue animal masks for our mini plays, thanks to Mrs A for collecting these from Newton Abbot. We went to Okehampton College for the Year 3 Trampolining session-sadly the grown-ups were not allowed on! (Sorry to those of you who did not receive the texts and emails from the office about this, please check with Mrs Mc D that she has the correct contact details for everyone, as everything is done electronically by the office now, and we do not want anyone to miss out)      

On Friday we were very pleased to be part of the whole school assembly linked to the weekly shared theme of Anti-bullying. We were however more excited by the fact that we were able to dress up for a second Friday running! Mrs P-S excelled herself last week as Darth Vader, and did indeed feel like the crotchety Nile crocodile that she dressed as. Mrs A looked stunning in her home made gown and bobbed wig! We had a quiz, pinned Tut to his tomb, tasted (in date) foods from ancient times, had our photos taken with Tut and croc in the photo booth, danced like Egyptians to the Bangles and did much more! There were some really great outfits-a special mention must go to Phoebe, Isa and Sophia!

Next week we start our new theme ‘Christmas around the world’ (only 20 school days to go! Mrs P-S loves Christmas)    

Homework this week is Literacy-Alliteration, spellings and reading.