Another lovely week in Otter class. Getting really into our topic looking at Viking invasions and the important design of the longboat. Please start bringing in things to build Viking longboats, the children should know what they need. The children were planning their own battle routes and building their own Viking village out of lego to really understand how the Vikings used the sea to their advantage and many of their settlements were on the coast for food, trade and raiding. The children have also just written their own version of the beginning of Beowulf, changing the monster and some of the setting. They have focussed on setting the scene and creating suspense at the beginning of the story and they have all done themselves very proud and we will move on to them writing their own amazing story starters.

In maths we have just finished our topic on multiplication and will be moving on to looking at time so all the practice they can get would be great. In Pe we have been continuing with football and fun fit where special mention to Joanna and Lissy for amazing resilience and effort. Well done. I have been doing tag rugby club for KS1 and was also present at Tag rugby club for Ks2, well done to the boys who went. Having seen Otter’s amazing tag rugby skills it would be lovely to see a few more faces at wither club.

Well done to Lissy and Hettie who received the most house points this week and to yellow team who won both in Otter’s and across the school. No one managed 1000 housepoints this week but some are very, very close.

Have a lovely weekend, rest well, keep active and look forward to seeing you all on Monday.


Mr T