Our Aims & Ethos

HAND WITH STONESOur purpose at Chagford Church of England Primary School is to build a strong foundation for every child, so that they are well prepared for their life ahead. As we learn about who we are, our relationship to each other and to the wider world, we nurture strong values, underpinned by our Christian ethos, in order to bring about the best possible future for ourselves, our communities and future generations.

As part of the Dartmoor MAT, our vision is to provide the highest possible quality of education for all local children, in order to ensure pupils from all backgrounds are able to succeed. To achieve this, the Dartmoor MAT is committed to have regard to the co-operative principles and values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others.

At Chagford Church of England Primary School we all want to be:

Confident learners

Healthy in body, mind and spirit

I have been struck by the particular warmth and specialness of Chagford C of E Primary School from the word go: from my very first visit when I observed the school’s Christian ethos by way of displays and banners with a Christian message through to the day of my interview when I was invited to stay for lunch and I witnessed a prayer being uttered before the meal. This was followed by the older children serving the younger children. I thought this reflected the Christian ethos of the school perfectly.

Member of staff

I find Chagford School to be very special, and in a time where our religious beliefs are not always welcome I find it refreshing and calm. Personally, I find our church services to be comforting; they have a real physical presence, celebrating our young people and allowing ourselves time to be thankful and thoughtful.

Member of Staff

Able to work well together, learn from, and support one another

Rarely do I attend church on a Sunday morning without a member of the congregation asking after our primary school and its pupils. For me, this clearly demonstrates the important relationship we enjoy between the school and St Michael’s, here in the community of Chagford.


Global citizens who make an active contribution to our communities

Free to be ourselves and develop our own skills and talents

Within our working day I truly feel that our school beliefs & hopes allow us all, pupils & teachers alike to be one. We are all unique and it’s important to hold onto this, yet with our beliefs we allow each other to do this with one common ground we know we are safe in.

Member of staff

Open minded and respectful of difference and diversity

Now working at the school, I have seen children writing their own prayers (especially Year 6) to say not only before lunch but also at the various Christian festivals, which are celebrated by whole school visits to the local church. The children participate in these celebrations fully with each class having prepared something to perform, making it a particularly meaningful experience for them.

Member of staff

Leadership and governance of the school clearly embody Christian values and I have been very impressed with the assemblies given by Paul Seaton-Burns (Rector of The church of St Michael the Archangel in Chagford and Vice Chair of Governors of the school), who comes in on a regular basis to take assemblies.  Bible stories are brought alive with children acting them out under Paul’s direction in language that they understand; thus making them very memorable.

Member of staff

Determined, resilient, resourceful and have a positive mindset

Christian values are evident in the stories my children tell me at the end of the school day, in how a particular problem or challenge has been dealt with. It’s lovely to hear such compassionate philosophies being brought alive for them in real situations.


Reflective and thoughtful