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Our Terms and Conditions

At Chagford Primary School, we welcome children from 2 years to 11 years old. Our preschool forms a key part of our Foundation Stage Unit, organised to provide a seamless environment for children from 2 to 5 years old, right through to the end of their first year of primary school. Our approach recognises the very best practice in Early Years education, ensuring a safe, happy and secure environment for children to develop and grow. Our curriculum is planned completely through play. Children move through the Foundation Stage at their own pace with Reception children getting support, if needed, at an earlier level and pre-school age children progressing through to later stages if they are ready. Continuity and progression are ensured. We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. You can read more about the framework approach here. Our Early Years Policy can be read here.

Our Foundation Stage Unit is headed up by Ms Sara Halsey, Class Teacher, and is fully supported by our wonderful team of Foundation Stage Practitioners. All our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced. Our team will support and work with your child throughout the whole period of time in the Foundation Stage, as children move freely between what is traditionally known as the ‘preschool’ and ‘reception’ spaces. We find that all our children transition smoothly and successfully, from our nursery to Reception confident and secure in familiar surroundings.

We offer a range of sessions to suit you and your child. Our regular Foundation Stage sessions run from 8.45am – 12pm or 8.45 – 1:15pm (staying until the end of lunch) in the mornings, and 12.00pm-3.30pm in the afternoons or 8:45am – 3.30pm, five days a week. Children attending a session between 12.00pm and 1.15pm can choose to bring a packed lunch, or have one of our delicious school meals, freshly cooked on site by our Kitchen Manager Marie (£2.30 per meal). Wrap around care from 8 am to 6 pm is available once your child starts school.


From the term after their 3rd birthday, all children are entitled to 15 hours a week free, funded education.

For eligible families, 2 Year Old Funding is available for children from the term after their 2nd birthday for up to 15 hours per week. 2gether funding entitles up to 15 hours of free childcare and early learning each week to some two-year-olds in Devon. The scheme helps to improve children’s learning and development; gives them the opportunity to make new friends, learn through play and have lots of fun. Your child is eligible if your family is receiving certain benefits, has a household income under the specified amount, or if your child has a disability, special educational need, is adopted or placed under a residency order. Eligible families should now automatically receive a ‘Golden Ticket’ offer of funding directly from the Early Years team. The Golden Ticket is a voucher that entitles you to make a claim for the funded sessions through the school. If you receive a Golden Ticket please bring it to school to discuss your options. If you think you might be eligible and have not received a Golden Ticket it is always worth verifying your eligibility directly. For more information about the Golden Ticket please follow the link to find out more. Early Years Funding Golden Ticket Information. If you want give notice or reduce hours you must give us four week’s notice. Your funding will remain with us and you will not be able to be funded with a new provider until after the notice period.

How to apply

Apply online via the link or phone 0345 155 1013 with your National Insurance number, date of birth, name and child’s details. Parents and carers of children with additional needs, and foster and adoptive parents should discuss applying with either the child’s social worker or the 2gether Programme Manager, call 01392 385530.

The 2 Year Old Funding and Early Years Entitlement for 3 and 4-year-olds, is funded by Devon County Council. We can, of course, offer additional chargeable sessions for you above your funded hours, including all day sessions. For children in the term after their 3rd birthday, this is chargeable at £4.08 per hour over their termly entitlement (£4.08 from September 2018), and for children over 2 until the term after their 3rd birthday, this is chargeable at £4.90 per hour over their termly entitlement, to reflect the legal requirement to have one adult to every four children in this age group. We do not add any other charges or costs to our fees.

We can accept Childcare Vouchers through your employer’s scheme as payment – please see the Info/ Payments tab for information about the various providers we are registered with.

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact the school office.