Welcome back!

This week we have started listening to our Nativity songs! (I told you it wasn’t too far away!)

On Monday after school Mrs P-S went to Hatherleigh Primary to learn how to Dance properly with some other members of teaching staff.  She realised that her dancing wasn’t actually that bad, and that Mr E’s was very funny! (Think ‘bad Dad’ dancing!)Mr Billinghurst was the surprise good dancer from the group of 6!

On Tuesday we were silent for 2 minutes as a whole school in between rain showers thinking about those who lost their lives. Mr Billinghurst came in to observe our Literacy, we were writing headlines for newspapers based on Ancient Egyptian pictures. We talked about not always being able to believe everything you read-this caused quite a debate.  Mrs P-S saw 12 lots of parents at parents meetings, and was there until quite late.

On Wednesday we continued to write headlines, we were really rather good at it!  Mrs P-S saw another batch of parents (nearly all parents  were interested and able to come along and find out about their child’s education) This makes Mrs P-S very pleased. It was lovely meeting them, and learning more about each of you!

On Thursday we completed the painting and patterns on our canopic jars and clay cats or hippos. We also designed scarab beetle jewellery, Sophia even wore hers.  

On Friday we were very pleased to be able to support Children in Need and wear our home/dressing up clothes. Mrs P-S is secretly pleased with her purchase of a Darth Vader onesie! Mrs A painted her nails with spots! We spent the day doing nearly all of our lessons linked to Pudsey bear! We even made mini bears which we designed clothes for! The children had a really lovely day, and hopefully raised quite a lot of money for a good cause.

***Next Thursday afternoon, it’s trampolining at Okehampton in the afternoon-you should have received an email with more info***  

***Next Friday please send your child with clothing like that from Ancient Egyptian Times for your child to wear during our afternoon of Ancient Egypt celebration,  to complete our learning on this theme ***

(Please do not spend lots on this!) 

Homework this week is Maths linked to money, spellings and reading.