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We have had a fabulous start to the year in the Red Deer’s classroom. All the children have been appointed Team Captains (there are advantages of being in a cohort of 12) and today they started their Young Sports Leader training. They have risen to challenges, taken on responsibilities and are starting to listen more and talk less.

The highlights of the week are numerous but include:

The Week of Inspirational Maths – learning about our brains, looking for patterns

The classroom atmosphere – being together as a small group

Sitting on the benches in Collective Worship

All of it (says Biba)

Miss Philpott

Having the cloakroom in the classroom

Art work – Romero Britto

Science with Mr B

Operating the projector in the hall

Being rewarded for hard work

Credits and House Points

Seeing friends again

Setting up for Collective Worship

English – writing in the quiet – explaining how a vacuum cleaner works

Being the oldest class in the school

Life Saving

Geography – using atlases to find rivers

Pencil cases

House points


Nobody mentioned our new massive tablet computer on the classroom wall – possibly because it had just lost our morning’s work 🙁 – hopefully just teething problems!


The children should all have brought home a reminder sheet with their homework on it.

Below you can find our Newsletter and Curriculum Jigsaw.

Have a lovely weekend


Miss P