Just in case the snows arrive, you need to be aware of our school-closure plan. In the event of bad weather, we will inform Devon County Council. Please check new.devon.gov.uk/schools/closure which will give information about school closure and Route Closures for our school buses.  We will assess the situation in the morning based on the condition of the school environment (heating, surface safety etc) and the availability of staff and make a decision at 7.30am. We will also endeavour to put all information on the website and send a text to all parents by 7.45am at the latest. We will also give information to Heart FM and Radio Devon.

However, please don’t assume we are closed just because there’s a little bit of snow on the ground! We have a number of staff and pupils who live locally and it is rare that the school is completely closed! Mrs Wiseman has some good snow boots to walk to school!