This week we have been talking about how things work and exploring the working parts of different things including the human body. The children were fascinated to learn about the journey food takes through our bodies but of course the funniest part was where the food comes out of our bodies – they all knew the answer to that one!!

Lulu brought in a human body puzzle labelled with all the different parts of the body and their function – the children very much enjoyed putting the parts together then learning even more about the parts of the body.


We had a selection of objects including a lemon squeezer; a padlock; a lock and key and a hand whisk to explore and find out how they worked. I thought taking the door lock apart to see how it worked from the inside was a great idea, however when I put it back together it doesn’t to seem to work quite so well – reminder to self: not to become a locksmith!

b2ap3_thumbnail_How-things-work-2.jpg                       b2ap3_thumbnail_How-thngs-work1.jpg

We had a big bag of ice to play with too and we tried to think of all the different ways we could make the ice melt; putting it in an oven was my favourite!


On Tuesday we had music with Liz where we shared the songs from the story sack; we remembered most of the songs from last term.


We also had PE on Tuesday where we worked in different ways with hoops, including skipping through hoops; musical hoops and passing the hoop around the circle without letting go hands!


On Wednesday we talked about different things we would like to freeze including a banana; a whole egg in its shell; PVA glue; cornflour; toothpaste and jelly. We made predictions about what would happen to them then on Thursday we looked at the things and talked about what had actually happened to them. The jelly didn’t freeze solid and the toothpaste didn’t freeze at all! The whole egg did freeze but by the time it had been passed around the circle it had returned to its former state!! We all agreed that the frozen banana tasted delicious and that we should make some frozen bananas covered in melted chocolate for snack on Friday!



On Thursday we went outside and collected things we could freeze to make Ice Ornaments. We went into Forest School and found fir cones, berries and pine needles! We then watched what happened to them as they melted.


So on Friday we bought chocolate and bananas and worked out how we could melt the chocolate to then paint it on to the banana; we agreed that the microwave would be the best way and so we began melting and painting the bananas!! We all agree that frozen bananas covered in melted chocolate is delicious!


In between all the above we even managed to get in Phonics; reading and writing practice, some number work and painting with frozen paint!


I think you’ll agree we have achieved a lot this week and the children deserve a weekend break before we learn all about The Weather next week!

Have a fun weekend – take care in the snow drifts!

Sara, Jade and the FSU Team