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The children have all been learning about different occupations 
and they are really showing a good understanding of this, they have even been telling us what they would like to be when they grow up,
horse rider, doctor and racing car driver!

The three year olds are now having small focused circle time activities with an adult while the two year olds are learning about
circle time routines with stories and activities with an adult.

We have continued to do mark making activities with finger painting and gloop. Exploring our computer skills and being independent in getting our own snacks and drink. The younger children have been exploring buttons and flaps, while the older children have been learning about initial sounds in our early phonics sessions, ‘s’ and ‘a’, also with the sun still beautiful we have had our music sessions outside singing in the wooden car to the birds!

Finger painting and gloop practising our early writing skills:



 Exploring our computer skills:



 We can independently get our own snack:


We have been participating our early phonics learning the letter sounds, ‘s’ and ‘a’:


                                                                Exploring buttons and flaps understanding technology:


 Enjoying our music sessions outside:


Have a great weekend see you all next week! 🙂