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Yew Tree – Week 4

We’ve had a very active week in Yew Tree Class!

This week in English we have been creating our own poems about an animal of our choice. We have worked very hard on rhyming each verse and trying to describe without giving too much away at once! We can’t wait for you to read our poems during the next open morning!

In Maths, we’ve been applying our skills of measurement to find out the perimeter of different shapes and understanding how capacity works. Lots of excellent investigation work here to estimate and then accurately record what the capacity for each container was!

In Science, we have been using our observations to test our predictions. Last week, we made predictions as to what might happen to our plants if they were not given one of the following: sunlight, water or soil. Despite having only been a week, we noticed a big change in our plants! The plant without sunlight had become very yellow and sickly looking and the other two were very shrivelled and thin. Yew Tree class were very methodical in their approach as they discovered from their findings that plants need all three to grow healthy. Excellent investigation skills Yew Tree!

In PE, we have been extending on from our catching skills with different balls to now applying these skills in cricket based activities. We have practiced over arm bowling or the ‘windmill’ method as the children call it and also strike and field skills as well. We also had a great time dancing away to some workout videos for a bit of fun too!

In Computing, we used our new coding skills to transform our ball from simply bouncing around to all manner of different expressive movements! Some changed colour, others made sounds and a couple even multiplied as they hit the walls of the game! It’s been amazing to see how creative and confident the children are with coding and how the simple set of skills we learnt about from last week’s lesson have been adapted in so many unique ways!

Finally, next week we are looking forward to learning more about the pollination process of plants with Chantal, completing our Eco cars and racing them and lots more!

Have a great rest of the week and weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2/3 team.